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3rd International Workshop on Spectral Stellar Libraries


Libraries of stellar spectra are at the crossroad of different fields of astrophysics. In particular, they serve as reference for the classification and automatic analysis of large stellar spectroscopic surveys and are fundamental ingredients of the models of stellar populations used to study the evolution of galaxies. These libraries may either consist of observed or theoretical spectra, and they vary by their spectral coverage/domain and resolution. This is the 3rd Edition of this workshop, following the editions in Delhi (2011, http://cralconf.univ-lyon1.fr/IWSSL/2011/) and Lyon (2013, http://iwssl2013.sciencesconf.org/). The goals of the workshop are to present the recent efforts in this domain and to describe the usages of the libraries. This edition will organize the invited and contributed talks in four areas: Stellar Libraries as Templates for Stars, SL for Chemical Evolution, SL for Population Studies and SL in the Big Data Era. (AU)

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