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Topochemistry, porosity and chemical composition determining successful enzymatic sacarification of sugarcane bagasse


This project proposes the development of a new concept for saccharification of sugarcane bagasse based on the enzymatic hydrolysis of forthcoming plants down regulated on lignin biosynthesis. The hypothesis is that once a sugarcane bagasse with reduced lignin content would be available, the hydrolysis of the entire polysaccharide fraction could be performed at mild conditions. Nowadays, the methods used in the pre-treatment of lignocellulosic materials, which precedes the advantageous enzymatic hydrolysis are quite harsh and inevitably lead to degradation and loss of valuable carbohydrates. Moreover, they are generally energy-intensive and generate undesirable by-products, which significantly add processing costs. To check on this hypothesis, the present proposal plan to prepare sugarcane bagasse samples with progressively reduced lignin contents by using a selective chemical step followed by mechanical fiberizing. These bagasse samples would serve as models to find the desirable characteristics, mainly in terms of lignin content, lignin topochemistry and cell wall porosity, necessary to minimize the harshness or abolish the treatment that precedes the enzymatic hydrolysis of the available polysaccharides, namely hemicellulose and cellulose. A subsequent step will be the evaluation of the plants with decreased lignin contents from studies involving down-regulation of lignin biosynthesis or from hybrids selected for low lignin contents. (AU)

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PROCESSO DE OBTENÇÃO DE SUBSTRATO LIGNOCELULÓSICO E USO DO SUBSTRATO LIGNOCELULÓSICO BR1020130010987 - Universidade de São Paulo (USP) . André Luis Ferraz ; Adriane Maria Ferreira Milagres ; Thales Henrique de Freitas Costa ; Fernanda Machado Mendes - 16 de janeiro de 2013