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The development of novel gold and palladium-catalyzed transformations involving both redox active and neutral catalyst systems


The main objective of the proposal is to organize visits, workshops involving the groups of the two principal investigators with the aim of creating collaborative proposals and exchange of information between the two research groups in the área of homogeneous catalysis using gold- and palladium-catalyzed transformations of value to organic synthesis. The group of prof. Aaponic is an expert in organic synthesis usiing gold-catalyzed reactions and the group of prof. Correia Works with palladium-catalyzed reactions. The proposal also includes organizing a plan for the exchange of postdocs and graduate students, who could carry out part of their thesis or dissertation at Unicamp and/or the University of Florida. The synergy gained through this collaborative interaction will strengthen both research groups and provide Brazilian students with a most need international experience for future careers in Chemistry. (AU)

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