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ICNPAA 2010 World Congress: 8th International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Aerospace and Sciences


The interest in mathematical analysis of linear, nonlinear phenomena has led to increased interdependency and cooperation among engineers, mathematician and scientist across traditional disciplinary barriers, and this collaboration has proved to be rewarding and stimulating. Also industrial recognition of using linear, nonlinear mathematical models for solving problems of technology is increasing because of the greater availability of large-scale computers. It is therefore; clear that the attempt to understand the linear, nonlinear world will dominate large part of mathematics in most areas of science, engineering and technology in future years. Thus there is a need to have a forum, on a global basis, to forge unity in diversity and for bringing more cooperation and collaboration in to the world community of engineers, mathematician and scientists. It is with this sprit we feel that it is desirable to have periodically an international conference ( this year world congress) on Mathematical problems in engineering and aerospace sciences. (AU)

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