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Escola São Paulo de Ciência Avançada em Transdisciplinaridade para Mudanças Transformadoras

Processo: 23/05590-2
Modalidade de apoio:Auxílio Organização - Reunião Científica - Escola São Paulo de Ciência Avançada
Vigência: 08 de abril de 2024 - 18 de abril de 2024
Área do conhecimento:Interdisciplinar
Pesquisador responsável:Cristiana Simão Seixas
Beneficiário:Cristiana Simão Seixas
Instituição Sede: Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas Ambientais (NEPAM). Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Campinas , SP, Brasil
Assunto(s):Biodiversidade  Mudança climática  Transdisciplinaridade  Análise socioambiental 
Palavra(s)-Chave do Pesquisador:Biodiversidade | Conhecimentos Tradicionais | Interface Ciência-Política | Mudanças Climáticas | Mudanças Transformadoras | transdisciplinaridade | Transdisciplinar na área socioambiental


The SPSAS Trans program consists of a chain of four modules regarding (i) the context of global environmental change and key concepts needed to understand this problematique; (ii) methodological and analytical approaches based on Transdisciplinarity in social-environmental sciences; (iii) Transdisciplinary efforts fostering Transformative Change in science-policy arenas; and (iv) the challenges for Transformative Change. This program was developed considering the eighth Competencies for sustainability training: systems-thinking, future-thinking, value-thinking, strategies-thinking, implementation, interpersonal, intrapersonal, implementation, and integration competences (see box below). Moreover, considering that Transdisciplinarity is problem-driven, solution-oriented, inclusive and innovative; shall engage target audiences and is an intentional, self-reflexive and co-construction process; there are several slots in the program focusing on practices through breakout group (on co-designing Transdisciplinary Research), panels with practitioners (government, NGOs) and indigenous leaders, and field trips to research institutions and traditional communities. Module I: Climate change and Biodiversity loss: challenges of Complexity; Social-ecological systems & complex adaptive systems; Plurality of Values & Knowledge systems; Transformative Change. Module II: Participatory action research & Community-based monitoring; Ethnobiology; Ecosystem stewardship; Adaptive co- governance, Panel: The perspective of researched local actors; Art-activity on co-creating dialogs and scenarios. Module III: Science-Policy Interface at the international level and at national and state level; Indigenous Local Knowledge for policymaking; Panel: The Conexão Mata Atlântica Program. Module IV: Decolonization and transformative change; Transformative change for social-ecological regeneration; Panel: Multiple knowledge and values for transformative change. (AU)

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