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Coloquio Internacional sobre Junções do tipo Gap e Câncer 2020


In 2016, it has been celebrated the 50th anniversary of the study published in 1966 by Loewenstein and Kanno [Intercellular communication and the control of tissue growth: lack of communication between cancer cells, Nature, 116 (1966) 1248-1249] which initiated studies on the involvement of gap junctions in carcinogenesis. This celebration was done at the University of Poitiers (France) and organized as an International Colloquium on Gap Junctions. Four years later, in 2020, a second edition of this colloquium is being organized as a collaborative effort of France (University of Poitiers) and Brazil (University of São Paulo). The meeting will present the most recent findings on the field of gap junctions, connexins, pannexins and cancer. Basic findings and molecular insights will be key factors for the discovery of new therapeutic approaches. (AU)

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