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XIV Research Workshop on Institutions and Organizations


O programa terá as seguintes atividades: Palestra: Entrepreneurial Judgment: Organizations, Markets, and InstitutionsKeynote Speaker: Peter Klein (Baylor Business University, EUA)Palestra: Institutions and management in Latin America. Keynote Speaker: Jord Trullen - ESADE- Barcelona. Palestra: The Institutions of Capitalism. Keynote Speaker: Geoffrey M. Hodgson (Loughborough University London). Painel Social franchising: organizational and social innovations. Keynote Speakers Muriel Faidaro (Savoir Mont Blanc, France) & Cintya Lanchimba (Politécnica Nacional, Equador) & Melitha Novoa Prado (Franchising Brazilian Association). Mini-curso:Minicurso: The Institutions of CapitalismGeoffrey M. Hodgson (Loughborough University London). Course objectives: By the end of this course the students should have an appreciation of the basic institutions that comprise capitalism, of why they have enabled rapid economic growth and of the downside dynamics of economic inequality. Students should also have an appreciate of the role of the state and the possibilities for institutional reform. (AU)

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