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Nutritional composition and functional properties of nance fruit (Byrsonima crassifolia) and drumstick (Moringa oleifera)

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Érica Sayuri Siguemoto
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: São Paulo.
Institution: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Faculdade de Saúde Pública (FSP/CIR)
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Deborah Helena Markowicz Bastos; Natalia Soares Janzantti; Maria Elisabeth Machado Pinto e Silva
Advisor: Deborah Helena Markowicz Bastos

Introduction - Some vegetables species, not presented in the diet of the brazilian, can be a good source of nutrients and bioactive compounds, and the gap or loss of knowledge about them disfavors the inclusion in the diet. Objectives Evaluate the nutritional composition and the functional properties of drumstick leaves powder (Moringa oleifera) and the pulp of nance fruit (Byrsonima crassifolia). Methods The nance fruits were collected in three different cities of Pará (Brazil). The drumstick leaves powder was collected in the city of Marília (Brazil), in the periods of february (summer), may (autumn), july (winter) and october (spring) of 2012. It was performed physicochemical characterization of the samples, determination of vitamin C and carotenoids. From the extract of drumstick leaves powder and nance fruit, was analyzed the total reducing substance, the profile of phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity by the ability to scavenger peroxyl radical and by the ORAC method, antiglycation activity and inhibition of pancreatic lipase. Results The nance fruit is rich in vitamin C (39,1 mg 100 g (18,66 mg 100 g -1 -1 of sample) and carotenoids, mostly, lutein of sample). The extract of nance contains flavonoids (epicatechin, catechin, rutin and quercetin), and has high antioxidant activity by the DPPH and ORAC methods, IC 50 of 1,2 mg souble solid mL -1 and 46,1 mmol equivalent Trolox 100 g solid, respectively. Moreover, was observed inhibitory activity of pancreatic lipase and antiglycation activity of the extract of nance. Altogether, the drumstick leaves powder has -1 soluble high content of protein (24,5 g 100 g potassium (1,8 g 100 g 1 -1 of sample), calcium (1,9 g 100 g of sample), and total fiber (38,2 g 100 g 1 1 of sample), of sample). The drumstick leaves powder has high content of carotenoids, mostly, lutein (304,1 mg 100 g -1 of sample) and -carotene (90,4 mg 100 g -1 of sample). In the extracts of drumstick leaves powder were identified chlorogenic acid and rutin. The extract presents low activity of pancreatic lipase inhibition (IC 50 849.1 µg soluble solid mL -1 ), yet was capable of inhibiting the formation of glycation endproducts system BSA/ methylglyoxal. Conclusion The nance fruit and the drumstick leaves powder shows to be vegetable species promising in improving the diet of the Brazilian, due to the nutritional characteristics presented in this study (AU)

FAPESP's process: 11/04014-0 - Nutritional value and functional properties of spontaneous species found in Brazil
Grantee:Érica Sayuri Siguemoto
Support Opportunities: Scholarships in Brazil - Master