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Morphological and behavioral changes in ischemic gerbils induced by nicotine exposure and to continuous treadmill training

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Takae Tamy Kitabatake
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: Ribeirão Preto.
Institution: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto (PCARP/BC)
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Examining board members:
João Eduardo de Araujo; Rosana Mattioli; Adelino Sanchez Ramos da Silva
Advisor: João Eduardo de Araujo

This work aims to advance the knowledge about the interference of nicotine in the forced training protocol in ischemic gerbils. We use 110 gerbils, distributed in 11 groups. Control (C), false operated (S) and ischemic (I). Nicotine groups (CN, SN, SNE, IN INE) and sham (CS, SS, SI) with or without training. The animals received an injection of 2mg/kg of nicotine or saline for 9 days. We use a treadmill (continuous training 5 days, 5m / min for 15 minutes), an activity monitor and the Rota Rod (RR). The results were analyzed by an ANOVA and post Holm-Sidak test, p <0.05. We observed increased in all behaviors in the activity monitor, increase of CN than C, S, SS and NSS INE, SN increase compared to NES, the I increase than C, S, SS, ENS, S, NSI and also the IN showed an increase compared to C, S, SS, SNE, SI and NSI (crossing, F10,93 = 2,97), (distance, F10,93 = 2,79), (speed, F10,93 = 2,79) and (activity, F10,93 = 2,81). In RR, CN showed an increase of time spent with the other groups except SNE, and an increase in the SNE, compared to the CS, S, SN, I, IN and I showed an decrease of time compared to C and INE (F10,93 = 3,35). In groups I and and IS we observed an decrease of neurons density in the hippocampus (F6,42 = 31,02), motor cortex M1 (F6,42 = 4,01) and striatum (F6,42 = 23,33). Nicotine did not interfere with the improvement of motor behavior in ischemic animals. (AU)

FAPESP's process: 15/07730-0 - Morphological and Behavioral Changes in Ischemic Gerbils Induced by Exposure to Nicotine and Forced Continuous Treadmill Training.
Grantee:Takae Tamy Kitabatake
Support Opportunities: Scholarships in Brazil - Master