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Blackberries and jabuticaba fruits: Roots and fruits of a Profound Education for everyone

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Bruna Laselva Hamer
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: Bauru. 2014-12-02.
Institution: Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp). Faculdade de Ciências. Bauru
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Advisor: Vera Lúcia Messias Fialho Capellini; Marie Celie G. R. Florio Lorthiois

The present study was outline from the need to reconsider the purposes of education and the meaning of the schooling process. Current debates about education indicate great difficulty of educational systems to provide a quality educaiton, respecting the diversity and individuality in the school community. The reason, the scientific and technical knowledge, and specialty are highly valued in our culture, which is reflected in education. Thus, are offered to the child intellectual stimuli very early, while their body, their emotions, their intuition are silenced. Jungian Psychology, by considering, in addition to the personal unconscious of the human being, the existence of a collective unconscious, allows expanding the vision of man a rational only. The observation of the child from this perspective, justifies attention to their body, their dreams, their emotions, their intellect, their spirituality and how many other dimensions are presented. Education must then attend all their needs, aiming at a comprehensive education. With this goal was born Profound Pedagogy, which considers the child with its multiple dimensions. Its theoretical axis is based on Profound Psychology, still integrating the principles and practices of Sacred Circle Dances and Subtle Touches. The Profound Pedagogy does not propose a teaching methodology, but an enhancement of the educator, his personality, his vision of the human being and his knowledge of the child. Besides dancing and body works cited above, it includes working with matter, through artisan techniques and handwork, as well as jokes, games and toys confection. In this way, this study aimed to analyze the application of Profound Pedagogy's assumptions in a early childhood teacher's practice and evaluate whether the practice developed promotes service to diversity. It is featured as a case study, based on qualitative clinical methodology used in the methods of Life History, Narratives and Content Analysis... (AU)

FAPESP's process: 12/10398-9 - The contributions of Profound Pedagogy for educational practice in the daily school: a case study
Grantee:Bruna Laselva Hamer
Support Opportunities: Scholarships in Brazil - Master