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Intellectual Property

Filed Patent Applications: 1579 since 1990

Intellectual property is an important mechanism for the generation of wealth in society. It ensures the exclusivity period for its holder who has invested knowledge and resources to its design. He can explore it and get the return on his investment, as it meets the demands of society.

The guarantee of intellectual property is the first step to ensure that investment in research turns into new products and processes. The next step - and the most difficult one - is to identify a partner willing to continue with the investments needed for the intellectual property in order to reach society and generate revenues for its holder. This is a challenge not only in Brazil but also worldwide.

FAPESP intellectual property database displays records of patents and computer programs that have been supported by FAPESP for their design and protection. The database contains filed, granted and extinct information on intellectual property, resulting from FAPESP either supported research projects or the protection obtained through the Support Program for Intellectual Property. Only records on intellectual property already published are available for consultation.

Since May 2000, with the creation of Nuplitec - Patenting and Technology Licensing Nucleus and through the Support Program for Intellectual Property (PAPI), FAPESP has supported the protection of intellectual property.

With the promulgation of the “Technological Innovation Act” in Brazil and the creation of the Technological Innovation Centers (NITs) in 2004, FAPESP has strengthened interaction and support to universities and research institutions and their researchers, and has stimulated the NITs to support researchers in the process of protection and exploitation of intellectual property.

Those interested in any intellectual property record from FAPESP database can contact directly the researcher in "Talk to the Researcher" or the Center for Technological Innovation of their respective institutions.

For researchers who have filed intellectual property applications that are not yet available at FAPESP database, please contact for inclusion.

For Companies that are interested in research and development projects for improvement aiming at exploiting any intellectual property supported by FAPESP, please contact