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Multi-user Equipment (EMU)

Classification and search system

The types of EMU are organized in a three-level taxonomy with a focus on the object of the use of the equipment* and not on the user's specialty. At the highest level, there are six categories:

  1. Physical Process Equipment - Objects are physical systems, such as plasmas, chips, or films.
  2. Biological Process Equipment - Equipment for producing or analyzing biological systems.
  3. Materials Characterisation - To analyze small parts of samples.
  4. Sample Measurement/Analysis - To examine samples as a whole.
  5. Large Scales Instruments
  6. Infrastructure

To find equipment with the desired characteristics, there are three alternatives:

  1. Browsing the classification. Top-level items can be expanded to display lower-level items.
  2. Fill in the keyword field.
  3. Use the BV search tool (above) to search for terms that identify the equipment or technique.

These three alternatives lead to the same result.

Although certain types of EMU appear in more than one branch of the taxonomic system, that aims to facilitate the search via navigation through the classification tree.

* The taxonomy is based on the system developed by the University of Leeds, UK, implemented on the N8 Shared Equipment Inventory System (

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