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The option for not have a loving link in a committed way between the conditions of contemporary existences and the generational psychic inheritance

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Sandra Aparecida Serra Zanetti
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Doctoral Thesis
Press: São Paulo.
Institution: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Instituto de Psicologia (IP/SBD)
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Examining board members:
Isabel Cristina Gomes; Maria Inês Assumpção Fernandes; Daniel Kupermann; Maria Angela Favero Nunes; Maria Lucia de Souza Campos Paiva
Advisor: Isabel Cristina Gomes

The contemporaneity contemplates sociocultural and economical conditions of existence that represent a competitive scenary, with unstable and ephemeral values, in which individuality takes a central place and promotes more autonomous individuals and at the same time more fragilized. Beyond these conditions, what can be observed, as a result, is a weakening around the construction and maintenance of intersubjective links. Therefore, an interest was born, investigating the lack of commitment that are formed the love links currently being situated among the conditions of present existences. Nevertheless, as we starting from the psychoanalytical link bias to comprehend the formation of the subject, we also assumed the considerable effect of the generational psychic inheritance composition of the phenomenon. This way, this study had as the aim to comprehend the subjective construction of adults that choose for not have a loving link in a committed way among the contemporary conditions of existence and the familiar psychic inheritance. Based on the clinic-qualitative research methodology, six semi directed interviews have been applied to participants of both sexes, aged from 25 and 35 years old, who described themselves as singles for option. The analysis of the data was based on the intrapsychic and linkage psychoanalytical theory on one side, and, on the other hand, counted on the psychosocial studies. We searched to construct a narrative in which was possible to represent a profound comprehension about the option chosen, approaching conscious and unconscious aspects, from sociocultural origin, intrapsychic and inherited inter and/or transgenerationaly. The particular history and the psychic functioning of each individual were fundamental to the understanding of the phenomenon studied. All of them showed to have subjective characteristics identified with the currently, as modern narcissism, consumerism or the technological model of relating, but the content that gave sense to these subjective elements was from intrapsychic or generational origin. Another aspect noticed was the difficulties on dealing with the frustration. We understood that the current life conditions tend to return the individual to the center of himself turning, difficult the living with the alterity. The same contemporary scenary the contemplates the plurality of values and sustains different options favoring a positioning more coherent with the possibilities and wills of the individuals, as is the case of ours participants, at the same time interfering on the stability on the links because more fragile individuals are less willing to deal with the conflicts of a link itself. It has been verified in all cases certain psychic unavailability to the contact with alterity, and the option for not constructing a committed loving link is shown as a possibility among others in this context (AU)