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From Jongo to play: a proposal of popular training to actors

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Osvanilton de Jesus Conceição
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: Campinas, SP.
Institution: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Instituto de Artes
Defense date:
Examining board members:
Inaicyra Falcão dos Santos; Cassiano Sydow Quilici; Julio Moracen Naranjo
Advisor: Inaicyra Falcão dos Santos

This research project aims at working up a proposal of popular training for actors by the junction of the musical and movement elements presented in the Jongo developed in the Quilombo São José da Serra, located in Valença, Rio de Janeiro, with the methodological and theatrical aspects presented in the system of the games developed by Viola Spolin (1906 - 1994).We aim at generating a propitious space for the development of the creative potential, the improvement of the body expression and the vocal enhancement of actors. In order to achieve this goal, we will use as a theatrical parameter the common aspects found in the Brazilian Street Theater (AU)

FAPESP's process: 09/03645-7 - The Jongo for play: a proposal of training for the POP actor
Grantee:Osvanilton de Jesus Conceição
Support type: Scholarships in Brazil - Master