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Media and culture: Machinima

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Maíra Valencise Gregolin
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: Campinas, SP.
Institution: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Instituto de Artes
Defense date:
Examining board members:
José Armando Valente; Rogerio Junior Correia Tavares
Advisor: Hermes Renato Hildebrand

This research investigates a new type of digital media: Machinima (the combining 'machine' and 'animation'), a new way of making films within a real-time virtual environment. Also, Machinima can be thought as a new product, which was born in the hybrid systems, providing new poetics and converging to the aesthetics of interactivity, incorporation and immersion - keywords which make visible the articulation of the subjects with the languages of the machine. Based on speeches that analyze the emergence of new cultural products that affect in every sense a contemporary sociability, this work part of the following questions: a) in terms of production, what is the relationship between Machinima and the genres that are in its base (electronic game / movie/animation)? b) which are the effects of hybridization of genres and techniques in the architecture of the Machinima? C) which are the changes that digital technology in Machinima provoke in filmic production? (AU)