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Epigenetic markers related to the apettite/satiety pathway in obese women before and after Roux en Y gastric bypass

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Letícia Santana Wolf
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: Ribeirão Preto.
Institution: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto (PCARP/BC)
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Examining board members:
Carla Barbosa Nonino; Anderson Marliere Navarro; Rosana Maria dos Reis; Doroteia Rossi Silva Souza
Advisor: Carla Barbosa Nonino

The indication of bariatric surgery is growing nowadays. It´s notable that the effective weight loss can improve metabolic disorders, as diabetes and dyslipidemia. There are evidences that epigenetic can contribute to body weight regulation leading to changes in hormones and neuropeptides expression. This can promote alterations in the appetite/satiety pathway, which are primarily regulated by hypothalamic nucleus. The aim of the present study was to evaluate modifications in the DNA methylation patterns of genes related to appetite/satiety pathway in women with obesity grade III before and after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB). Were included in the study 24 women (36.9±10.3 years old) with obesity grade III (Body Mass Index - BMI > 40 kg/m²) submitted to RYGB and 24 (39.1±13.4 years old) eutrophic women. It was a longitudinal study, sampling included anthropometric and body composition measurements, 24 - hour recalls and blood samples collect: for biochemical exams, DNA and RNA extraction. The DNA methylation patterns were evaluated using Infinium HumanMethylation 450K BeadChip. Gene expression analysis, were evaluated using quantitative real time chain reaction (RT-qPCR). After intervention, were significantly reduced: BMI, abdominal circumference, food intake and all biochemical indicators, except HDL-cholesterol. FTO, POMC and AGRP were pointed as the main genes for deep DNA methylation analysis. After 6 months DNA methylation of cg00625110 of gene FTO, increased 7%, p=0,0032. The gene expression pattern were associated with DNA methylation differences. DGYR were able to improve health parameters and epigenetically modulated genes related to the appetite/satiety pathway. (AU)

FAPESP's process: 17/05927-6 - Epigenetic markers related to appetite/satiety in women with grade III obesity before and after a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
Grantee:Leticia Santana Wolf
Support Opportunities: Scholarships in Brazil - Master