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Stories from the sea: scientific digression, biotechnologies and RPG

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Renato Salgado de Melo Oliveira
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: Campinas, SP.
Institution: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem
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Examining board members:
Susana Oliveira Dias; Elenise Cristina Pires de Andrade; Cristina Meneguello
Advisor: Susana Oliveira Dias

Here we launched ourselves through the RPG (Role Playing Game), the popularization of science and the biotechnologies - and we lost ourselves. Even when we want, is not easy to find a way: sometimes we need to sail against the words, against the concepts. Thinking is somehow/somewhat bleed. There is another type of effort as difficult too, that is when we not want to find a way, because the meetings and disagreements are enough for us. Either more difficult is: finding a way to tell everything after all - to invent by writing many things which we haven't imagined by this way. Therefore, I have invented to brush narratives, scribble them and tearing them by my own pleasure. Some type of RPG leak of the narratives with a want of to digress, to disperse - scientific digression - another pathway that bifurcates from scientific divulgation. Bifurcate on moving, speeds, trying to betray the promises of eternal love that most scientists and journalists have made for/with the truth. Betraying until it doesn't work any more - broken tool, utensil useless. A pirate dissertation, made of lootings and thefts. Steal it from poets, writers, scholars, even of RPG. Steal it, because that's how you play the RPG itself: taking one piece at each corner without worrying about fidelity to the origin. Investing in the power of the fragment that leads us to a future that is missing, which is not given. And not to imprison it in a way that makes the original context a cliché. This is not about to fix the world, so it is not proposed the RPG like a tool. It is another will, to make ruins with the things - to break what is left over. Even the real. A desire to ruin the real, which makes of representation their unity, but his invention of the spray. A RPG is (is?) not to represent reality but to invent the world of infinite possibilities. We did not want to look at the fable from the front (which would not be the dangers of doing so?), but simply fable (AU)

FAPESP's process: 09/13010-9 - Scientific divulgation and RPG: of utopia to fabulation
Grantee:Renato Salgado de Melo Oliveira
Support type: Scholarships in Brazil - Master