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Modulation of soluble guanylate cyclase and the intracellular levels of cyclic nucleotides in the lower urinary tract and prostate


Activation of soluble Guanylate Cyclase (sGC) enzyme expressed in bladder, urethra and prostate smooth muscles induces tissue relaxations by elevating cyclic GMP levels. We have shown that sGC enzyme is found in an oxidized/degraded state in Obesity, Aging and Inflammation (cystitis) conditions, hence producing reduced cGMP levels, which may explain the enhanced contractility of the lower urinary tract smooth muscles. This project was divided into five independent sub-projects, all addressing several unanswered issues regarding the sGC modulation and cGMP production in the bladder, urethral and prostatic disorders. Main Methods: animal models of obesity, aging and inflammation (cystitis) along with cell cultures of detrusor and prostate smooth muscles. Human tissues will also be used according appropriate ethical consents. Our study will mostly consist of in vivo (cystometry) and reactivity assays, together with RT-PCR, western blotting, ELISA, immunohistochemistry and gene silencing techniques. Subproject #1:"Multidrug resistance proteins" (MRP4, MRP5 and MRP8) located in cell membranes act to pump the cyclic nucleotides outside the cell. We propose to examine the localization and expressions of these efflux transporters, and to evaluate its influence on the sGC-cGMP downstream proteins. We have also thought that cGMP present in the extracellular space may be converted sequentially to GTP, GDP, GMP and guanosine, which in turn would act extracellularly in cell membrane controlling the smooth muscle tone. Therefore, we also aim to characterize the effects of GTP, GDP, GMP and guanosine in bladder, urethra and prostates. Subproject #2: Enhanced reactive-oxygen levels (ROS) levels inactivate NO and degrade sGC, which may account for the hyper contractility state of the lower urinary tract in diseased states. Our proposal here is to identify the NOX (NADPH oxidase) isoforms, and to investigate the modulatory role exerted by NOX1/4 inhibition with GKT137831 using both functional responses and expressions of sGC itself and its downstream signaling proteins. Subproject #3: In breast cancer cell lines, epigenetic mechanisms contribute to sGC-cGMP downregulation, thus favoring the proliferative state. Therefore, we will examine the methylation and acetylation state of sGC gene (in comparison with eNOS and nNOS), and evaluate whether the epigenetic inhibitors vorinostat, 5-azacitidina and GSK2245840 improve the overactive state by rescuing the sGC-cGMP-PKG pathway. Subproject #4: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) favors the reduced state of sGC (Fe2+), thus enhancing the NO-mediated responses. Our proposals here are to identify the expressions of H2S-producing enzymes (CBS, CSE and 3-MST), and to investigate the modulation of sGC and its downstream signaling proteins by H2S. Subproject #5: Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) and its intracellular signaling (MyD88, TRIAP, TRIF, TRAMP, IFR-3 and NF-kB) lead to generation of inflammatory mediators and increased oxidative stress, resulting in sGC degradation. This project aims to investigate the role of TLR4 and its downstream signaling in triggering bladder dysfunction. The cross talk between TLR4 and sGC will be explored here through the use of TLR4-/- mice and of pharmacological strategies of TLR4 blockade. Why is our group suitable for answering these issues? Our group was one of the first in Brazil to work with erectile dysfunction, and contributed to several publications and to acquisition of knowledge/competences (PhD's and Postdoctoral). During the last 10 years; we have acquired a large experience on lower urinary tract diseases, particularly with the modulation of sGC-cGMP signaling. As a result, recently, we had a review accepted for publication at "Nature re"nature reviews in urology". Therefore, we have the expertise to solve unanswered and relevant questions about the regulation of sGC-cGMP in the lower urinary tract organs in the health and pathological state. (AU)

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