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CAMeLEOm: cross-species analysis of metabolic, lifespan effects and omics of dietary restriction mimetics

Grant number: 17/01184-9
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: September 01, 2017 - August 31, 2022
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Physiology - Physiology of Organs and Systems
Convênio/Acordo: Innovation Fund Denmark
Principal Investigator:Marcelo Alves da Silva Mori
Grantee:Marcelo Alves da Silva Mori
Principal researcher abroad: Jonas Thue Treebak
Institution abroad: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Principal researcher abroad: Markus Herrgard
Institution abroad: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark
Host Institution: Instituto de Biologia (IB). Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Campinas , SP, Brazil
Associated researchers:Maria Cristina Foss de Freitas ; Niels Jessen
Associated grant(s):20/04919-2 - Determining molecular candidates that contribute to the higher risk of COVID-19 in aged individuals, AP.R
17/25583-0 - Multi-user equipment approved in grant 2017/01184-9: CFX384 touch real-time PCR detection system, AP.EMU
17/17556-2 - Straightening collaboration between academia and industry to explore new molecules and targets to treat metabolic diseases, AV.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):19/21852-1 - Contribution of adipose tissue miRNAs in cardiac function, metabolism and remodeling, BP.PD
19/04726-2 - Investigation of new tissue-specific mechanisms of aging control by caloric restriction in C. elegans, BP.DR
19/08038-3 - Assessment of exosome circadian rhythmicity in mice, BP.MS
+ associated scholarships 19/01587-1 - Study of the role of ALG-1 and its regulatory mechanisms in healthspan of Caenorhabditis elegans, BP.DD
19/07575-5 - Role of Dicer in beige adipocyte differentiation and the influence of macrophages in this process, BP.IC
18/21635-8 - Study of the role of miR-203-3p in adipose tissue metabolism and in the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases in mice, BP.DD
18/11672-3 - Characterization in mice of novel genes involved in the evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of dietary restriction and its mimetics, BP.PD
18/11792-9 - Characterization in C. elegans of novel genes involved in aging and the evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of dietary restriction mimetics, BP.DD
18/07703-0 - Uncovering new regulators of DAF-16/FOXO expression, BP.MS
17/23920-9 - Varredura e caracterização de moléculas circulantes que afetam o gasto energético, BP.DR
18/02171-0 - Evaluation of the diurnal expression pattern of Dicer enzyme and its influence on the expression of clock genes in adipocytes, BP.IC
17/22057-5 - Physiological effects and transgenerational inheritance induced by cholesterol-rich diet in Caenorhabditis elegans, BP.MS
16/17075-1 - Daily Rhythm Changes in Dicer Expression in Adipose Tissue and the Impact over Metabolism, BP.PD - associated scholarships


The overarching aim of this proposal is to delineate the common molecular networks in adipose tissue involved in the lifespan and health promoting effects of dietary restriction and its mimetics such as dietary Methionine Restriction (MR) and dietary supplementation with Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) - a dairy constituent that maintains NAD metabolism. To achieve that, we designed a pipeline to sort out biologically relevant pathways affected by these interventions. Briefly, we will perform omics of samples obtained from C. elegans, and adipose tissue and serum of mice and humans (healthy and/or type 2 diabetic) subjected to DR or its mimetic interventions. We will correlate these findings with lifespan and/or metabolic profiling and use bioinformatics tools to identify evolutionary conserved pathways that are commonly affected by the dietary interventions. The relevant pathways will then be scrutinized using gain- or loss-of-function models in C. elegans, mice and mammalian preadipocyte cell lines, providing new insights into how these dietary interventions affect health span in multiple organisms, including humans. (AU)

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