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The present project aims the syntheses of four series of ruthenium complexes containing diphosphines and diimines, as well natural products or derivatives as ligands.Series 1: Compounds with general formula [Ru(O-O)(dppb)(bipy)]PF6, where O-O = galic acid, cinamic acid, salicilic acid or 4-aminosalicilic acid and derivatives;Série 2: Compounds with general formula [Ru(O-O)(P-P)2]PF6 (P-P = dppm, 1,1-bis(difenylphosphine)methane; dppe, 1,2-bis(difenylphosphine)ethane e dppp = 1,3-bis(difenylphosphine)propane);Série 3: Compounds with general formula [Ru(L)(dppb)(N-N)]PF6 (N-N = 2,2`-bipyridine, 4,4`-dimetil 2,2'-bipyridine e 1,10-phenantroline; L = lapachol or lausone;Série 4: Compounds of type [Ru(O-O)(·6-p-cimene)(PPh3)]Cl.The compounds will be characterized by several techniques, such as elemental analysis (C, N, H), IR and UV/Vis spectroscopies; RMN (1H, 13C e 31P), electrochemistry (cyclic voltammetry and pulse differential voltammetry) and X-ray diffraction.Test, aiming the evaluation of the cytotoxicity of the compounds, against tumor cells will be realized. Also, experiments to verify the possible activity of the compounds against Chagas disease and Mycobacterius tuberculosis will be promoted. The ability of the complexes as antioxidant agents also will be realized.Study on the possible mechanism of action of the complexes, against the above diseases will be promoted. (AU)

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