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Development and Mechanism Studies of New Synthetic Methodologies for the Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds.

Grant number: 15/17141-1
Support Opportunities:Regular Research Grants
Duration: November 01, 2015 - October 31, 2017
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Chemistry - Organic Chemistry
Principal Investigator:Ricardo Samuel Schwab
Grantee:Ricardo Samuel Schwab
Host Institution: Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET). Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCAR). São Carlos , SP, Brazil


Brazil has the basic chemical industry ranked among the world's largest and, at the moment, is choosing to develop its fine chemicals industry. The creation of a solid background for Fine Chemicals will require a change in behavior, once this sector is extremely competitive. In this context, the domain of organic synthesis is an indispensable condition since it allows the development of alternative processes in order to obtain substances with high added value, such as, active pharmaceutical compounds. In fact, the search for more economical technologies through the design and development of short synthetic routes, avoiding the use of anhydrous solvents, inert and reactive systems difficult to handle, and excessive purifications, is of huge importance nowadays. These questions have prompted the research of many scientists, especially in pharmaceutical industry, where is important to synthesize the active substances with a low price and a short time. The requirements listed above can be easily achieved through the use of catalysis and others convergent methodologies. These strategies are of huge interest for both segments of academia and industry. In this project, we wish to develop new methodologies by merging an organocatalyzed reaction with a multicomponent protocol as well as MCR with photochemistry for the synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocycles. The catalytic process will be deeply study by theoretical and practical experiments. Furthermore, all synthesized compounds should have the biological activity explored. (AU)

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Scientific publications (36)
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