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Plasmonic and nonlinear effects in graphene coupled to optical waveguides


This project is currently being submitted within the Thematic Projects line following the advice of FAPESP's Area Coordination, and consists of the same project previously submitted and well refereed in the Young Researchers line [process no. 2012/18400-2]. There has been no change in the budget and only minor amendments in the text were made in this cover page and in section 6 (marked in blue). The team was updated to reflected the personnel that is currently available. Regarding documentation, only the CV, the description of the available infrastructure and equipment, the description of previous funding, as well as forms, were updated. The present proposal aims to study plasmonic and nonlinear optical effects obtained in graphene and other two-dimensional crystals, which will be excited and observed via optical waveguides. Two types of waveguides will be considered: optical fibers and integrated waveguides on planar substrates. Two-dimensional crystals will be incorporated into the waveguide structure in two ways: deposition onto surfaces near the core or introduction into microfluidic channels of the crystals in suspension. In the case of deposition, optical fibers with a D-shaped cross section and waveguides in planar substrates will be used. In the case of crystal suspensions, microstructured optical fibers will be used. For increasing the efficiency of plasmonic effects and of nonlinear optical effects, metallic nanoparticles can be deposited onto graphene. In addition, doping methods, for displacing the Fermi level of graphene, and patterning methods will be studied, aiming at adjusting the plasmonic and optical properties. The resulting waveguides will contribute to a better understanding of the interaction of guided light with the studied nanomaterials, besides presenting a huge technological potential for the development of devices for telecommunications, signal processing and sensing. (AU)

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Scientific publications (34)
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