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Novel approaches to improve functional screening of biocatalysts in metagenomic libraries

Grant number: 15/04309-1
Support Opportunities:Research Grants - Young Investigators Grants
Duration: October 01, 2015 - September 30, 2021
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Microbiology - Applied Microbiology
Principal Investigator:María Eugenia Guazzaroni
Grantee:María Eugenia Guazzaroni
Host Institution: Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto (FFCLRP). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Ribeirão Preto , SP, Brazil
Associated researchers:Rafael Silva Rocha ; Raquel Fonseca Maldonado
Associated scholarship(s):19/25432-7 - Searching for new molecular tools to enhance Pseudomonas putida robustness to abiotic stresses, BP.DR
20/01656-0 - Functional screening of antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria of clinical importance, BP.IC
20/02228-2 - Evaluation of cultivable microorganisms in risky sites for horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic resistance genes, BP.IC
+ associated scholarships 19/18789-6 - Determination of tolerance to various bacterial stress conditions, BP.TT
19/18783-8 - Characterization of acidity resistance in Pseudomonas putida using synthetic circuits, BP.IC
19/00390-0 - Resistome and mobilome in genomes of bacteria from diverse Brazilian regions, BP.MS
18/18158-3 - Search for determinants of antibiotic resistance in the interior of São Paulo using functional metagenomics, BP.MS
18/21160-0 - Identification of antimicrobial resistance genes in metagenomic data, BP.IC
18/18296-7 - Identification of genes encoding chaperones in metagenomic databases, BP.IC
18/19188-3 - Construction of a repertoire of metagenomic libraries in E. coli from DNA isolated from diverse environmental samples, BP.TT
18/11926-5 - Characterization of translation levels of variants of synthetic bacterial RBSs, BP.IC
18/07261-8 - Expanding acid resistance in bacteria using synthetic circuits, BP.MS
17/20818-9 - Characterisation of new metagenomics regulatory elements, BP.IC
16/18827-7 - Integrating protein engineering and synthetic biology to develop new high-throughput selection systems, BP.PD
16/06323-4 - New tools for improving metagenomic cellulase screenings, BP.DR
16/06922-5 - Functional screening of new proteases and glycosyl hydrolases in metagenomic libraries, BP.IC
16/01330-2 - Construction of a repertoire of metagenomic libraries in E. coli from DNA isolated from diverse environmental samples, BP.TT - associated scholarships


Biotechnology plays a crucial role in the development of biocatalysts for use in industry, agriculture, medicine and energy generation. Currently, there is a growing demand for enzymes with improved catalytic performance or tolerance to process-specific parameters. Metagenomics takes advantage of the wealth of genetic and biochemical diversity present in microbial genomes found in environmental samples and provides a set of new technologies directed towards screening of new catalytic activities with potential biotechnology applications. However, biased and low level of expression of heterologous proteins in Escherichia coli together with the use of non-optimal metagenomic screening strategies generally results in an extremely low success rate for enzymes identification. In this sense, the present proposal aims to perform three main approaches in order to develop new tools to improve target gene recovery. Firstly, two different strategies will be used to overcome the biased expression of foreign proteins in the screenings: (i) Construction of metagenomic libraries both in Pseudomonas putida and E. coli and; (ii) Utilization of the optimized and synthetic pSEVA broad host-range vector for library production. At present, there is no reported work in literature using a vector with similar features in functional metagenomic screenings. On the other hand, a third strategy comprising the engineering of a bacterial host will be developed using a synthetic biology approach. In particular, the strategy aims to improve the recovery rate of enzymes by exploiting the synergistic interaction between the metagenomic enzyme (or other accessory/complementary protein) and an enzyme expressed from the chromosome of the engineered host strain. Together, these approaches would provide a new, high efficient platform for the construction and functional screening of metagenomic libraries. (AU)

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