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Sugar cane biomass recalcitrance: basic knowledge related to the cell wall construction, pretreatment and enzymatic digestion, applied for the development of innovative biorefinery models


The project will provide integrated knowledge related to the sugar cane cell wall recalcitrance. Based on this knowledge, innovative biorefinery models will be proposed for the conversion of the sugar cane biomass into valuable products. Secondary cell wall formation will be evaluated along complete maturation cycles experimental hybrids that contrast for lignocellulose composition. UV- and fluorescence-microscopy will be used to evaluate the lignification and the hemicellulose deposition processes, respectively. Expression of monolignols biosynthesis genes will be evaluated as well. Studied samples will be evaluated also according to their digestibility by hydrolytic enzymes. Data compilation will give a general view of the cell wall formation in sugar cane and how deposition of the cellulose-encapsulating agents (lignin, hydroxicinnamic acids and hemicellulose) affects the biomass recalcitrance. New biorefinery models for sugar cane biomass conversion will be designed with basis on the accumulated knowledge. It is advanced that mild pretreatment processes based on the action of alkaline-sulfite or diluted acids will provide substrates susceptible for xylanase pre-digestion that could provide valuable hemicellulose olygosaccharides. After this step, the remaining substrate would be susceptible for efficient cellulose hydrolysis by cellulases, producing fermentable sugars. New hydrolytic enzymes identified with basis on the secretome study of wood decay fungi will be tested for the hydrolysis of specific pretreated materials. A final evaluation of the designed processes with basis on life cycle assessment will indicate which benefits could be obtained by the use of low-recalcitrance plants pretreated by specially designed pretreatment steps (AU)

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Scientific publications (35)
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