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Discovery and development of potential chemotherapeutic agents based on marine invertebrates and associated micro-organisms


Marine natural products isolated from both marine invertebrates and microorganisms have received increased attention during the last 5 O years due to their structural complexity and biological activities. ln particular marine sponges, ascidians, octocorals, bryozoans, as well as marine fungi and bacteria, have shown to be prolific sources of potent1y active and stmcturally unique secondary metabolites. Although Brazil has a 8.000 km long coastline, the knowledge of marine natural products from Brazilian marine organisms is still limited. The proposal of this project is the chemical investigation of biologically active crude extracts obtained from marine invertebrates and marine microorganisms collected in different regions of the Brazilian coastline. Extracts of marine invertebrates active already tested in assays of cytotoxic and antituberculosis activities, as well as of antimicrobial activity against both antibiotic-sensitive and antibiotic-resistant human pathogenic microbes and of inhibition of specific enzymes implied in the life cycle of pathogenic protozoa, will be subjected to dereplication by LC-PDA-MS before a chromatographic fractionation toward the isolation of biologically active compO1unds. In parallel, marine fungi and bacteria isolated from marine invertebrates (sponge and ascidians) will be grown in optimized artificial media in order to produce secondary metabolites. The marine microbe growth media will be extracted by adsorption on polymeric resin and by liquid-liquid extraction. Extracts from marine microbes will be subjected to the same above mentioned bioassays. Additionally, a new set of bioassays related to the inhibition or stimulation of chemical mediators implied in immunomodulation processes will be applied to the whole crude extract collection (> 500), in order to search for active extracts. Active extracts will be subjected to a dereplication by LC-PDA MS analysis, in order to get information about crude extracts chemical profiles and prioritize the isolation of novel bioactive compounds. After dereplication, marine microbial extracts will also be subjected to fractionation aiming the isolation of pure active metabolites. Pure chemical entitites obtained from marine invertebrates and microorganisms will be spectroscopically identified and evaluated in the bioassays in which the original crude extract was active, aiming to obtain information on their mechanism of action. (AU)

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PROCESSO DE OBTENÇÃO DA ENZIMA LACASE POR FUNGO MARINHO, ENZIMA LACASE E USO DA MESMA BR1020140085025 - Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) ; Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) . Lara Durães Sette ; Rafaella Costa Bonugli Santos ; Cárol Cabral Terrone ; Eleonora Cano Carmona - April 2014, 09