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Hierarchical self-organization of peptide amphiphiles: fundamental mechanisms and potential applications


We propose the synthesis and characterization of new peptide nanostructures obtained from self-assembling reactions. Inedited peptide sequences of types bola-amphiphile and lipopeptide will be prepared. The choice for these classes relies on the rich polymorphism of mesophases they are able to form and on their ability to establish biointerfaces through molecular recognition, increasing their range of applications significantly. We will evaluate the formation of these systems and the kind of interactions appearing in their construction. Small- and wide-angle scattering techniques (SAXS and WAXS) will be used to probe structural aspects in order to provide insights on the physicochemical mechanisms implied in the self-assembly. After determining the optimal conditions for obtaining the arrays, their respective phase diagrams will raised. To achieve this, techniques providing complementary information in both direct and reciprocal space will be used. Besides data on structure and morphology, these techniques will bring parameters on elastic and thermodynamic properties. This information, combined with data from in silico experiments, will contribute for elucidating basic mechanisms involved in the building of the nanostructures. In following, structural changes will be evaluated in the peptides by varying the amino acid residues. The goal is to obtain different supramolecular organizations with potential applications in detection architectures. Furthermore, this kind of hierarchical assembly could be followed in situ by using SAXS techniques, as it was previously demonstrated. (AU)

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