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Dendritic cells: integrative elements of the immune system - an applied approach

Grant number: 09/54599-5
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: June 01, 2010 - May 31, 2015
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Immunology - Cellular Immunology
Principal Investigator:Jose Alexandre Marzagão Barbuto
Grantee:Jose Alexandre Marzagão Barbuto
Host Institution: Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas (ICB). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brazil
12/13428-6 - Functional impairment of monocyte-derived dendritic cells in cancer patients: involvement of p38 and ERK (p44/p42) MAPK signaling pathway, BP.DD
11/15371-9 - STAT3 inhibition by thymosin alpha-1: Effective strategy for the functional recovery of cancer patients" monocyte-derived dendritic cells?, BP.MS
+ associated scholarships 11/08905-7 - Study of mechanisms involved in modulation of T lymphocyte response against tumor antigens by dendritic cells derived from cancer patients monocytes, BP.DR
11/00597-1 - NF-kB functional evaluation in dendritic cells from patients with breast cancer, BP.DR
10/13925-4 - Functional impairment of monocyte-derived dendritic cells in cancer patients: involvement of p38MAPK signaling pathway and heat shock protein HSP27, BP.MS
10/18139-7 - Cellular interactions in three-dimensional environment between dendritic cell-tumor cell hybrids and human lymphocytes: in search of strategies for enhancing antitumor vaccines, BP.DD
11/01082-5 - Analysis of the roles of membrane CD83 molecule in the biology of the immune response., BP.IC
10/15312-0 - Suppressors of cytokines signaling (SOCS) in the functional modulation of dendritic cells derived from patients with cancer, BP.DR - associated scholarships


Dendritic cells (DCs) constitute key elements that influence strongly the consequences of an encounter of the organism with any antigen. Immune response patterns, ranging from tolerance to antigen elimination or the establishment of immunopathological states depend on the way DCs interact with T lymphocytes. Our laboratory has been studying DCs and found many intriguing behaviors of these cells, mainly in cancer. The present project intends to follow up on these studies, aiming to add to our understanding of the role of human DCs role in the immune system, both in health and sickness, and of the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which DCs act in the organism. This goal will be pursued by the development of, initially, nine subprojects: two that investigate DC physiological functions, without interference of pathological conditions; three others that investigate DC behavior in stress situations, caused by cancer or its treatment; and four subprojects that aim to understand and develop strategies to interfere with DCs as therapeutic tools. For the development of the project, the laboratory will establish, standardize and use different methodologies, ranging from cell culture and differentiation to gene silencing with siRNAs, allowing an encompassing analysis of DC biological behavior and offering good training opportunities for the students involved. As a general, background, objective, the project intends to integrate the data obtained in a view, where DCs assume the role of indicators of the dynamic state of the immune system and whose analysis may, therefore, facilitate immunomodulatory approaches. (AU)

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