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Secretory structures in plant species from cerrado: structural, chemical and ecological approaches


This proposal aims to gather knowledge on different aspects of the secretion biology and chemistry features in plant species from Cerrado, belonging to Apocynaceae, Bignoniaceae, Bromeliaceae, Fabaceae, Malpighiaceae and Rubiaceae families. We have to stress that the secretory structures play essential role in the production and isolation of secondary metabolites that play several functions on biological interactions. Multidisciplinary researches about secretory structures give subsidies to community structures analyses and can give essential information to defense and attraction mechanisms studies on plant-animal interactions. Thus, structural analyses will be performed following conventional techniques to studies on Iight microscope and scanning and transmission electron microscope. To detect in situ the main substances categories present in secretory tisues/cells, histochemical, citochemical and immunohistochemical tests will be employed, besides ultra structural citochemistry and biochemical analyses. The chemical profile of the secretion will be analyzed using thin-Iayer chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The function of the secretion produced by external glands on the plant-animal interactions will be evaluated through field observations and experiments. At the end of the project we intend to summarize the results with an integrated approach about the biology and chemistry of secretory structures in Cerrado species. Besides it, we look forward to that this multidisciplinary research may contribute to evaluate the economic potential of bioactive and its sustainable utilization. In addition, the results could aid in the strategies definition of conservation and management of biological diversity in fragmented areas, as occur in Cerrado regions from São Paulo State. (AU)

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Scientific publications (33)
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