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Connectivity, neurochemistry and behavioural evaluation of afferents to the first nucleus of the acoustic startle reflex neural circuit: the cochlear root nucleus


The cochlear root neurons are the first neurons in the central nervous system to receive the acoustic information from the cochlea. They are in connection with sensory integration centres in the brainstem, particularly the pontine caudal nucleus. The cochlear root neurons are related with the fundamental neural circuit of the acoustic startle reflex, which is composed by: themselves, the ganglion cells of the organ of Corti, the pontine reticular nucleus, and the spinal cord motoneurons. The acoustic startle reflex shows various modulations such as habituation, sensitization, prepulse inhibition and fear potentiation. The modifications of the acoustic startle reflex and its modulations are important in clinical diagnostics of psychiatric and neurodegenerative illnesses such as schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease. Startle modulations are promoted by influences from several nuclei on the fundamental neural circuit of the startle reflex. The cochlear root nucleus is the least studied nucleus of this circuit. The efferent connections of the cochlear root neurons are well known, however the origins and the neurochemical identity of its afferents remain unclear. Previous studies show that cell bodies and dendrites of the cochlear root neurons are covered by four types of synaptic buttons, suggesting the existence of afferents from different origins and of varying chemical types. Knowledge pertaining to the afferents of the cochlear root neurons is important to comprehend the role of the cochlear root nucleus in startle modulations. We pretend to study the origins of the afferents to the cochlear nucleus by employing track-tracing techniques, identifying the chemical pattern of these afferents by immunohistochemistry, and evaluating the behavioral modifications of startle response after restricted lesions of selected afferent sources. (AU)

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