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Cross-coupling reactions on the synthesis of new photosensitizers with high conjugation


This project aims at the synthesis of new porphyrins and phthalocyanines derivatives with high conjugation, more specifically dibenzobacteriochlorins and naphthalocyanines. Therefore, we are proposing a linear synthesis of some bacteriochlorins and phthalocyanines, both adequately substituted with halogens for further functionalization through the organometallic cross-couplings. The coupling products will be submitted to the electrocyclization/aromatization reactions, in order to obtain the desired dibenzobacteriochlorins and naphthalocyanines. These studies intended to cover the aspects of methodology on the use of organometallic cross-couplings in photosensitizers, besides to study electrocyclization/aromatization reactions as a general strategy for the production of photosensitizers with high conjugation level (current focus of our group). It is expected to obtain structures of new photosensitizers named here dibenzobacteriochlorins, whose photophysical properties can be promising for application under numerous perspectives. Specifically in the studies on organometallic cross-coupling with halophthalocyanines should be noted that, until this date, this strategy has not been used for the production of naphthalocyanines. Thus, it can be considered an important contribution from the methodological point of view. Also, the properties of these new compounds can point to applications in numerous areas such as photonic therapies, fluorescent markers, OLEDs, liquid crystals, and others.More broadly, we intend to move forward with this project that is related to the research initiated in 2009 (Young Researcher Financial Support 2008/06619-4) - Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds with Photosensitizing Activities). Currently, we have 4 PhD students, 2 master's degree, 3 ICs and 2 postdocs in our group working on different fronts of our research line. We established our team at the UFSCar just over 2 ½ years and, since then our team has grown significantly and, with it the consumption needs, equipment and infrastructure to conduct our research. The young researcher financial support from FAPESP assisted us with the major requirements to start up our group. Now, we inevitably need to invest in the infrastructure of the laboratory, adapting and reforming it as soon as possible. Also, we need to maintain the current researches in terms of budgets. (AU)

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