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Molecular basis of leptin resistance


More than 40% of Brazilian adults are obese or overweight. The excessive accumulation of body fat is considered an important risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and cancer. Despite recent advances in understanding the physiological components that regulate energy balance, little is known about the molecular mechanisms that are involved in the predisposition to obesity. The resistance to the effects of the adipokine leptin is a condition frequently observed in various situations of increased adiposity. Furthermore, hypothalamic expression of proteins known as suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) is increased in situations of leptin resistance. The leptin receptor is member of the class I cytokine receptors. Thus, increased SOCS inhibits the leptin-induced intracellular signaling. Experimental evidence has indicated that particularly SOCS3 is involved in the leptin resistance induced by diet-induced obesity. However, the possible involvement of SOCS3 in the etiology of other forms of leptin resistance has not yet been investigated. Thus, this project aims to generate and validate a genetically engineered mouse that carries inactivation of Socs3 gene exclusively in cells that express the leptin receptor. Subsequently, this animal model will be used in order to investigate the role of SOCS3 in the etiology of leptin resistance observed in three different metabolic situations: in the chronic exposure to a high-fat/caloric diet, during the aging process and in pregnancy. (AU)

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