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Comparative multilocus phylogeography of three species of Poospiza (Aves, Passeriformes): exploring the history of the montane Atlantic Forest


The Atlantic Forest stands among the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world. The origins of such high diversity, however, are still poorly understood. Evolutionary studies, based mostly on widely-distributed endemic species, indicate a temporally and spatially complex history. The history of montane environments in the Atlantic Forest has received little attention, and the study of these environments using endemic species as models may reveal little explored aspects of the diversification process. Climatic fluctuations could affect the elevational distribution of montane organisms, promoting isolation during interglacial periods (as the current one). Alternatively, neotectonism could promote isolation of montane species by means, for instance, of development of valleys. Three species of the genus Poospiza occur in the montane Atlantic Forest. P. thoracica and the P.laterali/P.cabanisi complex present similar disjunct distributions, interrupted by the Serra do Mar mountain range in the state of Sao Paulo. Such similar disjunct distributions may have been a result of isolation in interglacial montane refugia, or recent tectonic events. The major goals of this study are the evaluation of the degree of genetic differentiation between disjunct populations of P. thoracica and the P. cabanisi/P. lateralis complex, estimation of how long ago those populations were isolated, and determination of the degree of concordance of divergence times and demographic signatures among those species. Comparison of the patterns observed in those species to the ones described from widely distributed endemic species of vertebrates may reveal mechanisms of diversification still little explored in the biome, as well as contributing to the conservation of the montane fauna of the Atlantic Forest. (AU)

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