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Diversity and taxonomy of feather mites (Arachnida: Acari: Astigmata) on birds of Brazil


Despite the Neotropical region harbors the largest bird diversity of the world, the feather mites associated with those birds still remain poorly studied. The lack or scarcity of taxonomic studies on these mites renders their identification difficult therefore blocking a clearer image of the many ecological aspects such as species diversity, their prevalence on birds, and host-parasite associations. In this project the candidate aims to study the diversity of feather mites on birds mainly in the state of São Paulo, with mainly a taxonomic approach. The main goals of the project are: 1) to describe new feather mite species, map and explore their host associations; 2) revise obscure taxa, aiming to provide a clearer panorama of their real diversity; 3) provide identification keys for the main genera commonly associated with these birds; 4) establish a scientific collection of feather mites including genetic material. Taxonomic studies will focus on the largest feather mite family, i.e. Proctophyllodidae, which has many genera commonly associated with passerines in Brazil, like Amerodectes, Tyrannidectes and Metapterodectes. However, mites from other taxa might also be studied, including descriptions of new species, redescriptions and taxonomic revisions. Besides taxonomic data, this project will eventually provide important data on the ecology and useful for conservation of this largely unknown group, contributing to fill the gap on this research theme in Brazil. (AU)

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Scientific publications (33)
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