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Phylogenetic and systematic studies in Rutaceae: phylogeny and delimitation of Galipeinae (Galipeae) based on nuclear and plastidial DNA sequences


Subtribe Galipeinae (tribe Galipeae) is the largest taxonomic group of the family Rutaceae, with ca. 26 exclusively neotropical genera and 160 species. Of these, ca. 120 species (22 genera) occur in Brazil, 45 (43 Brazilians) belonging to Conchocarpus. With such a diversity, there are problems in the generic delimitation of some groups, the genera defined for limited joint of character states, and not for exclusive states of character (synapomorphies). Some genera are monotypical or with less than five species. Moreover, recent molecular studies have demonstrated that the subtribe is not monophyletic, and in need to be re-circumscribed. One of the objectives of this project is to evaluate the phylogeny of Galipeineae, using the cladictic methodology in a molecular context, attempting to make clearer the relations between the genera and presenting a new proposal of circumscription for some groups, specially Conchocarpus, besides testing the proper circumscription of the subtribe. Morphologic characteristics as degree of conation of the petals, of the carpels and zygomorphy of the corolla will be optimized in the resultant molecular trees, the attempt to relate the floral and fruit characteristics with possible pollinators and dispersals. Some genera that also had emerged as next the Galipeinae in recent studies (as Hortia), will be enclosed in the analyses, a group informally called 'expanded Galipeinae'. (AU)

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