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Cutting, packing, lot-sizing and scheduling problems and their integration in industrial and logistics settings

Grant number: 10/10133-0
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: December 01, 2010 - November 30, 2015
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Production Engineering - Operational Research
Principal Investigator:Reinaldo Morabito Neto
Grantee:Reinaldo Morabito Neto
Host Institution: Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET). Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCAR). São Carlos , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Débora Pretti Ronconi ; Horacio Hideki Yanasse ; Marcos Nereu Arenales ; Maria Do Socorro Nogueira Rangel ; Vinicius Amaral Armentano
Associated researchers:Adriana Cristina Cherri ; Alysson Machado Costa ; Andrea Carla Gonçalves Vianna ; Carlos Alberto Alonso Sanches ; Celso Satoshi Sakuraba ; Cláudio Nogueira de Meneses ; Deisemara Ferreira ; Denise Sato Yamashita ; Douglas José Alem Junior ; Eli Angela Vitor Toso ; Ernesto Julián Goldberg Birgin ; Franklina Maria Bragion de Toledo ; José Carlos Becceneri ; Kelly Cristina Poldi ; Luiz Leduíno de Salles Neto ; Mariá Cristina Vasconcelos Nascimento Rosset ; Maria José Pinto ; Marina Andretta ; Maristela Oliveira dos Santos ; Moacir Godinho Filho ; Mônica Maria De Marchi ; Nei Yoshihiro Soma ; Roberto Fernandes Tavares Neto ; Robinson Samuel Vieira Hoto ; Sadao Massago ; Silvia Maria Pereira Grandi dos Santos ; Silvio Alexandre de Araujo ; Sônia Cristina Poltroniere ; Vitória Maria Miranda Pureza
Associated grant(s):15/05193-7 - 27th European Conference on Operational Research, AR.EXT
14/15026-8 - XVII Latin-Iberian-American Conference on Operations Research (CLAIO), AR.EXT
14/13228-2 - OR56 Annual Conference, AR.EXT
+ associated grants 13/05771-5 - 26th European Conference Operational Research, AR.EXT
13/00030-7 - Nesting problem: novel models and algorithms to new applications, AV.EXT
12/00464-4 - Models and resolution methods for the nesting problem, AV.EXT - associated grants
Associated scholarship(s):15/23110-1 - Primal-dual methods for solving optimization problems applied to industrial an logistic contexts, BP.IC
14/27334-9 - A study of sustainable supply chain management problems, BP.MS
14/22356-4 - The Integrated Lot Sizing and Cutting Stock Problem, BE.PQ
+ associated scholarships 15/08739-0 - Optimization mathematics in Engineering: models and computational methods for one-dimensional cutting stock problem, BP.IC
15/02840-1 - An introduction to lot sizing problems, BP.IC
14/22816-5 - Analysis of flexibility in lot sizing problems, BP.PD
15/01212-7 - Mathematical programming heuristics for production planning problems under stochastic demand, BP.IC
14/22570-6 - The cutting stock problem with due date, BP.MS
13/23700-8 - Optimization of production planning and scheduling in the molded pulp industry, BP.DR
14/10565-8 - Mathematical models and solutions method for the integrated lot-sizing, scheduling and distribution problem with split delivery, BP.DR
14/08288-6 - Operations research applied to vehicle routing, BP.IC
13/25743-6 - Integrating nesting and cutting path determination problems, BP.DR
13/27162-0 - Mathematic models to a cutting path determination problem, BP.MS
13/14147-3 - Mathematical models for the irregular strip packing problem, BP.MS
13/18607-9 - Heuristics for the cutting stock problem with usable leftovers, BP.IC
13/03837-9 - Study of mathematical models and solution methods to the lot sizing problem with product substitution, BP.IC
13/06785-0 - And/or graph approach to solve the two-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers, BP.IC
13/03079-7 - Application of metaheuristics to the lot size and scheduling problem in the animal feed industry, BP.IC
12/20631-2 - The Integrated Lot Sizing and Cutting Stock Problem, BP.DR
12/20773-1 - Extensions for the optimization of processes in the textile industry, BP.PD
12/18653-8 - Nesting problem, BP.DR
12/21176-7 - Mathematical formulations for nesting problem, BP.PD
12/18788-0 - The one-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers and k-best solutions for knapsack problem, BP.IC
12/06027-5 - GPU-Based parallel algorithms for solving unconstrained binary quadratic programming problems, BP.MS
12/02622-6 - Robust models for lotsizing with remanufacturing, BP.IC
11/23388-9 - Mathematical models and solution methods for lot-sizing problems with time Windows, BP.IC
11/14963-0 - Minimization of tool switches problem, BP.DR
11/12370-1 - Solution method to the two-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers, BP.IC
11/11950-4 - Model and solution method to the one-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftover, BP.IC
11/03119-3 - Hybrid methods for the multi-plant lot sizing problem, BP.MS
11/00274-8 - The integrated lotsizing and scheduling problem in the pulp and paper mill, BP.DR
10/19006-0 - Reformulations and solution methods to the integrated lot sizing and scheduling problem, BP.DR
10/13934-3 - Hybrid method for lot sizing problem, BP.MS
10/16998-2 - The vehicle routing problem with multiple deliverymen via mathematical programming, BP.IC - associated scholarships


In this research project we intend to study: (i) cutting and packing problems, (ii) lot sizing and scheduling problems, (iii) the integration between cutting and/or packing problems in (i) with the lot sizing and/or scheduling problems in (ii). This continues the research developed in a previous thematic project whose financial support ended in March 2010, in which the main subject was the problems in (i), with some integration between problems in (i) and (ii). The objectives of the current project includes the study and the mathematical modeling of these problems, the development of solution methods and algorithms to solve them, as well as the analysis of their computational performance. The promotion of the collaboration and the integration among research groups of different institutions with common interest in these problems, in addition to human resource training for research and technological developments are also objectives of this project. We intend to motivate a closer relationship between universities and enterprises by developing case studies aiming to promote collaborations and partnerships in the study of these problems and the development of computational tools that will be applied in practice. Researchers with different levels of academic maturity form the group working together in this project. MSc and PhD students, young researchers, active researches and experts in these topics are included. A group of international researchers, experts in these fields, are also participating in the project as collaborators. (AU)

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Scientific publications (57)
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