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Process, packaging, edible coatings application and final quality evaluation of some high moisture tropical fruits


The purpose of this project is to study the osmotic dehydration, coupled to additives use and other preservation methods, like edible coatings and refrigerated storage under modified atmosphere, to some tropical fruits, as melon cubes, mango and pineapple slices. The main goal is obtaining a final product with fresh fruit characteristics, but with extended shelf life. Osmotic dehydration will be carried out with sucrose and maltose solutions, with concentration varying from 40 to 60Brix, with calcium lactate addition in the range of 0 to 2% (2000 ppm Ca+2), to better preserve fruits cellular structure. The effect of calcium lactate addition will be verified by optic microscopy, instrumental texture tests and sensory analysis. With the results obtained in this step of the work, the better conditions of osmotic dehydration process will be selected. Then, the application of edible coatings from pectin, alginates and amaranth flour in the osmotically dehydrated fruit pieces will be tested. It will be chosen one formulation for each edible coating, according to the final color, texture and sensory tests evaluation. Finally, fruit products recovered with edible coatings and fruits packaged under modified atmosphere will be compared in relation to shelf life and final product quality. Some quality attributes will be evaluated periodically and a sensory analysis will be conducted to verify consumer acceptance. (AU)

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Scientific publications (16)
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