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Study of strongly correlated systems in extreme conditions

Grant number: 06/60440-0
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: November 01, 2007 - December 31, 2012
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Physics - Condensed Matter Physics
Principal Investigator:Carlos Rettori
Grantee:Carlos Rettori
Host Institution: Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin (IFGW). Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Campinas , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Eduardo Granado Monteiro da Silva ; Gaston Eduardo Barberis ; Iakov Veniaminovitch Kopelevitch ; Kleber Roberto Pirota ; Marcelo Knobel ; Oscar Ferreira de Lima
Associated grant(s):11/51048-8 - David Vaknin | Iowa State University - United States, AV.EXT
11/07796-0 - Ferromagnetic resonance and micro waves absorption measurements in ordered FeNi magnetic antidots nanostructures, AV.EXT
11/02207-6 - An effective method to probe local magnetostatic properties in a nanometric FePd antidot array, PUB.ART
08/54913-9 - Israel Felner | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Israel, AV.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):11/12292-0 - Magnetic and Transport Properties Study on New Materials, BP.DR
11/01564-0 - Materials sciences on complex and advanced systems, BE.PQ
11/06504-5 - Study of physical properties of magnetic nanoparticles (Synthesis, Characterization and Manipulation), BP.PD
+ associated scholarships 10/13473-6 - Study of nanostructured model sistems (Synthesis, characterization and manipulation), BP.MS
10/05660-0 - Mangetoelectric properties of multiferroic materials using magneto-Raman spectroscopy, BP.PD
10/11949-3 - Electron spin resonance (ESR) in superconducting Fe-based pnictides, BP.DR
09/04788-6 - Magnetism and Supercondutivity in new FeAs-based intermetallic compounds, BP.MS
09/09024-4 - Magnetotransport in magnetic nanostructures, BP.PD
09/05292-4 - fabrication of magnetic nanowires by electrodeposition method, BP.IC
08/08630-5 - Physical signification of first-order reversal curves applied to various magnetic nanostructures, BP.PD
07/06883-0 - Simultaneous study of Raman spectroscopy and electronic transport at low temperatures and high magnetic fields in MgB2, BP.MS
07/05871-9 - Study of nanostructure model systems (synthesis, characterization and manipulation) and heavy fermion systems., BP.PD
07/04057-6 - Structural and magnetic studies on transition metal oxides, BP.PD
06/06792-2 - Control of microstructural and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic nanocomposites synthesized with ion implantation, BP.PD
06/05014-6 - Study of competition between surface effects and interaction in small nanoparticle systems, BP.PD - associated scholarships


We are proposing the study of the electronic, structural, magnetic, transport and thermodynamic properties of highly correlated systems in extreme conditions of magnetic fields (?14 T), high pressures (?30 kbars) and low temperatures (?50 mK) in metallic, semi-metallic semiconductor materials, diluted magnetic semiconductors, multiferroic ceramic oxides, graphites, etc., involving fundamentally the electron-electron interactions and between conduction electrons with the transition elements of the 3d groups of Iron and 4f of Rare Earths. For this purpose experiments of resistivity, Hall effect, magnetization, dc/ac magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, magneto impedance, torquemetry, electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR), Raman scattering, powder diffraction, magnetic action, and absorption of x-rays (XANES, EXAFS, XMCD) in samples in poly and monocrystalline form, thin films, threads, particles, nanostructured and amorphous multilayers will be conducted and analyzed during the course of this project. (AU)

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Scientific publications (20)
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