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Molecular basis of differentiation of stem and neural progenitor cells


The nervous system is formed by network formed by trillions of neuron with different phenotypes and other supporting cell types. The immense phenotypic variety of cells in the CNS is due to the differential development of stem and progenitor cells which give origin to neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. This process of neurogenesis is directed by the activation of innumerous receptors on cell surfaces of differentiating cells. We have shown in previous studies the participation of kinin-B2, purinergic and cholinergic receptors in neuronal differentiation using P19 embryonic carcinoma cells as an in vitro model. Cholinergic receptor expression was altered when cells were differentiated in the presence of inhibitors of purinergic or kinin-B2 receptors. Based on these results, we are proposing to study the participation of these receptors in the neural differentiation of mouse embryonic and mesenchymaI stem cells as well as in the process of maturation of rat progenitor cells (neurospheres). DNA aptamers will be identified using the SELEX technique from a combinatorial DNA library which is capable to specifically recognize stem cells in order to purify these cells from contaminating ones. Gene expression and receptor activities of kinin-B2, purinergic and nicotinic receptor activity during differentiation of stem and progenitor cells will be determined. The fates of neuronal differentiation will be evaluated in the presence of the specific inhibitor of kinin-B2 receptors. RNA aptamers and RNA interference will be used for subtype-specific inhibition of purinergic P2Y1, P2X2,4,7 receptor activity or gene expression, respectively. This study will contribute to the functional analysis of stem cells differentiated in vitro, and furthermore, verify the participation of kinin-B2 and purinergic receptors in directing neuronal differentiation. Furthermore, the capability of stem and progenitor cells to give origin to regenerative processes in the peripheral nervous system will be evaluated. (AU)

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CHEMICALLY MODIFIED POLYNUCLEOTIDES AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING CHEMICALLY MODIFIED POLYNUCLEOTIDES EP20140839532 - Universidade de São Paulo (USP) . José Eduardo Krieger ; Alexander Henning Ulrich ; Arthur Andrade Nery ; Vinícius Bassaneze - August 2014, 25

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