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Studies of the physiological function and biotechnological potential of protease inhibitors and anti-hemostatics in hematophagous arthropods


The biological molecules diversity present in hematophagous arthropods, in addition to their importance as disease vectors have motivated our group to investigate new anti-hemostatic and protease inhibitors present in three different arthropod species which are responsible for disease transmission to humans and animals in Brazil. They are: Triatoma infestans kissing bug, Boophilus microplus bovine tick and Aedes aegypti mosquito. In these three cases, the uncontrolled use of pesticide to control those vectors has caused the environment and human contaminations. Long term pesticide exposition of ectoparasite has resulted to resistance problems. The World Health Organization has suggested that the main cause of unsuccess in these disease controls is our ignorance in the biology of these animals. Therefore, a better comprehension of several mechanisms which allowed these ectoparasites successful adaptation for hematophagy would reveal new targets to control strategy, vaccine and also new drugs developments. During the last eight years, our group has been contributing for better understanding of some hematophagous arthropods biology, among them the T. infestans bug which control its host blood coagulation by thrombin and factor XIIa inhibitors, and interestingly they are coding by the same cDNA precursor molecule. Our studies using factor XIIa inhibitor allowed a patent process submission. We also showed several serine protease inhibitors from B. microplus tick and H. irritans fly which could present physiological function such as controlling endogenous proteases and or microorganisms. In the present project our aims will be the functional and structural characterization of several molecules identified by our group, to reach these objectives we are going to use the following tools: RNA interference, PCR real time, proteome, antifungal experiments, microorganism protease inhibitions, hemolymph coagulation and phenoloxidase cascade activations. With these efforts we intend to understand these molecules role in the hematophagous physiology and also use these molecules: for arthropod protein-protein interaction understanding, for vaccine development and biotechnology potential molecule to be used in human and veterinary medicines and agriculture. (AU)

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