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Study of intergranular phenomena in ceramic oxides


This research proposal has been written to join three research groups in the Materials Science area to carry out research work of common interest. These groups are: the Group of Electroceramics (GE) at the Energy and Nuclear Research Institute, the Group of Complex Oxides (GCO) at the Institute of Physics and the Group of Ceramic Materials (GCM) at the Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials of the Polytechnic School, all in the University of Sao Paulo campus. These research groups perform research work on processing reactive ceramic powders via chemical routes to produce dense and homogeneous oxides for optimized physical properties. The proposed cooperation for the three groups points to the use of all their available facilities to perform research on some ceramic oxides. The research work at IPEN is mainly on Impedance Spectroscopy of zirconia-based ceramic solid electrolytes; at the Physics Institute' on transport phenomena in manganites, nickelates and cuprates; and at the Polytechnic School on analysis and properties of powders and dispersions of zirconium, aluminum and tin oxides. All three groups carry out experimental research work in most of the following subjects: chemical processing of oxides; the characterization of powder dispersions; sintering studies by XRD, dilatometry and DTA/DSC analyses; and electrical/magnetic characterization. The main common interest, responsible for the elaboration of this research proposal, is the analysis of intergranular phenomena in some oxides (zirconia-based solid electrolytes, tin oxide, rare-earth manganites and superconductor cuprates) by using the Impedance Spectroscopy technique to the study of intergranular components. This research proposal has been written in such a way that all groups will share their experience on: chemical processing of oxides- powder and dispersion analyses, microstructural analyses, and electrical/magnetic characterization. The main purpose of this work is to contribute to the understanding of the following intergranular phenomena: 1) how to minimize the blocking of charge carriers in zirconia-based ionic conducting solid electromes (ZrO2:3 mol% Y203 and ZrO2:9 mol% Y203) in order to increase the total conductivity and consequently the signal/noise ratio in these electrochemical transducers, 2) how to correlate the decrease in the intergranular resistivity to pore exclusion during sintering tin oxide with manganese oxide or iron oxide additions (SnO2:MnO2, Fe203), and 3) how to correlate the variation in intergranular resistivity to the colossal magneto resistance behavior in rare-earth based manganites (Ln1-xMnxOy, Ln=La, Pr, Nd; M=Ca, Sr, Ba),and to the development of Josephson coupling in (Ln2-xTxCu04-y, Ln=Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu;T=Ce, Th, 0

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