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Development and application of nuclear magnetic resonance in products and agricultural processes


Agribusiness is one of the main sectors of the Brazilian economy and not only supplies the domestic market but is also the country's main export sector. Despite this great importance, agricultural products are exported as commodities which indicates that they are exported without any quality specification. In order to be marketed in a differentiated way it is necessary to have fast quality determination and certification processes. This requires the development of rapid and non-destructive methods that can be used, if necessary, in the analysis of all agricultural products. Among the techniques that have this potential is the time domain nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (TD-NMR), which use low field permanent magnets. Using this instruemnts we have developed dozens of analytical methods that are being incorporated into the productive sector through a partnership with the national industry. In addition, we developed NMR methods to monitor electrochemical reactions in situ and studies of metal corrosion, which is one of the main problems of reducing the life of agricultural machinery. Most of these methods were developed with FAPESP resources for research assistance, master's, doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships. We have also used high resolution NMR (HR-NMR) in agricultural research for the study of animal, plant and microorganism physiology. With these studies it has been possible to study the development and productivity of animals and plants, and to determine the effects of water stress on sensitive and tolerant plants. Thus, the aim of this research project will be to continue to develop new TD-NMR methods and instrumentation for analysis of fresh and processed foods, as well as using the HR-NMR to study plant metabolome under abiotic stress, food and other agricultural systems. (AU)

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Scientific publications (22)
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