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Post-translational modifications in Chagas Disease biological processes and diagnostics: novel methodological approaches and biological applications

Grant number: 18/15549-1
Support Opportunities:Research Grants - Young Investigators Grants - Phase 2
Duration: October 01, 2019 - September 30, 2025
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Biochemistry - Chemistry of Macromolecules
Principal Investigator:Giuseppe Palmisano
Grantee:Giuseppe Palmisano
Host Institution: Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas (ICB). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brazil
Associated researchers:Cláudio Romero Farias Marinho ; Maria Julia Manso Alves
Associated research grant:14/06863-3 - Post-translational modifications in cancer and parasite infection diagnosis: methodological approaches and biological implications, AP.JP
Associated grant(s):20/04923-0 - SARS-CoV-2 glycosylation: a blueprint structural insight for understanding COVID-19 pathogenesis, AP.R
19/08796-5 - Novel nanoemulsion for enhanced efficacy and better safety of benznidazole in the treatment of Chagas Disease, AP.R SPRINT
Associated scholarship(s):24/03969-7 - Development of analytical techniques in proteomics and glycoproteomics applied to Trypanosoma cruzi study., BP.TT
23/04937-9 - Technical development in proteomics: strategies and analytical techniques, BP.TT
22/09915-0 - Modulation of host N-glycosylation machinery during Trypanosoma cruzi infection, BP.DR
+ associated scholarships 22/00796-9 - Unravelling the biological role of T. cruzi protein glycosylation, BP.PD
21/14179-9 - The role of the endoplasmic reticulum in viral and parasitic virulence, BP.DD
21/14751-4 - Novel mass spectrometry-based technologies for post-translational modifications analysis, BP.PD
21/00140-3 - Development and optimization of enrichment methods for arginylated proteins in complex biological matrices, BP.DR - associated scholarships


Chagas Disease, caused by the protozoan parasite T. cruzi, is a neglected disease, which can lead to Cardiomyopathy, neurological complications and megaviscera. Over 100 years after its description, this disease affects 8 million people and most of them do not know that they are infected. Although endemic in the South America, it has been recognized a worldwide public health problem due to global population migration. Despite the great efforts to control T. cruzi transmission and introduce novel therapeutic options, one of the unmet needs is the development of novel sensitive and specific diagnostic markers for treatment response and disease progression. Moreover, a better understanding of the T. cruzi-host interaction will aid in prioritize novel therapeutic targets. This project is divided in three parts: 1) analytical method development for post-translational modifications (PTMs); 2) elucidation of the role of protein glycosylation and arginylation in the T. cruzi-host interaction and 3) biomarker discovery for Chagas Disease. The development of novel analytical methods for PTMs analysis will offer the possibility to detect protein modifications in complex biological systems with high accuracy and sensitivity. In particular, the identification of protein glycosylation of different T. cruzi strains belonging to the seven DTUs will be evaluated and associated to the expression of specific glycosyltransferases. The large-scale analysis of the cell surface glycoproteome and glycome combined with functional assays will be used as a molecular determinant to link the T. cruzi glycosylation enzymes expression and phenotype. The characterization of protein arginylation in T. cruzi and the Tc-Ate1 enzyme involved in this process will allow us to understand the role of this poorly explored PTM in Chagas Disease biology. The third part of the project will be focused on implementing a diagnostic platform for urinary protein biomarker discovery in Chagas Disease. (AU)

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