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Miniaturized and integrated chemical sensors: new fabrication platforms for biological, clinical and environmental applications

Grant number: 18/08782-1
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: December 01, 2018 - November 30, 2023
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry
Principal Investigator:Mauro Bertotti
Grantee:Mauro Bertotti
Host Institution: Instituto de Química (IQ). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Marcelo Nelson Páez Carreño ; Thiago Regis Longo Cesar da Paixão
Associated researchers:Gustavo Pamplona Rehder ; Ines Pereyra ; Marco Isaías Alayo Chávez ; William Reis de Araujo
Associated grant(s):19/16491-0 - Rapid, onsite detection of toxic metals combining paper-based electrochemical sensors and fast-scan cyclic voltammetry, AP.R SPRINT
19/10606-0 - Multi-User Equipment approved in grant 2018/08782-1: photolithography system, AP.EMU
19/00811-5 - EMU granted in process 2018/08782-1: materials deposition system by ink-jet, AP.EMU
23/02572-3 - Using a portable potentiostat to get chemical information in rat brain, BP.TT
22/14473-7 - Modification of electrodic surfaces with porphyrazines towards the development of a nitric oxide electrochemical sensor, BP.IC
+ associated scholarships 22/03665-2 - Electrochemical sensors for hydrogen peroxide and calcium ions detection in biological systems, BP.DD
22/03643-9 - Study of the effect of ascorbic acid on protection against UV radiation in cells through the development of electrochemical nanosensors for localized and real-time detection, BP.DD
22/04980-9 - Calibration-free electrochemical microsensors for milk analysis, BP.DD
22/03382-0 - Wearable sensor for real time monitoring of drugs of abuse in human saliva, BP.PD
22/00064-8 - An electrochemical sensor for phosphate detection in water samples, BP.IC
21/00205-8 - Miniaturized and/or microfluidic analytical devices for biological applications, BP.PD
21/05806-0 - Portable miniaturized potentiostat with wireless communication: hardware components, BP.TT
21/09798-1 - Portable miniaturized potentiostat with wireless communication: hardware components, BP.TT
20/01612-3 - Study on Ca2+ diffusion through caffeine-containing xantana membranes using a potentiometric microsensor, BP.IC
19/23206-0 - Fabrication on an electrochemical sensor for no detection, BP.IC
19/15065-7 - Development of paper-based electrochemical systems aiming flow analysis of forensic samples, BP.DD
19/14418-3 - Electrochemical sensors for water quality monitoring, BP.DD
19/06293-6 - Investigations in biological systems by using miniaturized electrochemical sensors, BP.PD
19/00889-4 - Electrochemical determination of iodate in urine samples by redox cycling with microelectrodes, BP.MS - associated scholarships


Analytical chemistry techniques and technologies have rapidly emerged in the last years, but the cost and logistics for the samples collection at meaningful spatial scales and further analysis does not make their development and spread straightforward. Such problems can be better addressed by the fabrication of devices that operate autonomously at or near the sampling site, reducing the risks of error and contamination associated with manual sample acquisition, storage, and transport. This direct-reading chemical sensor operates by detecting and responding in a fast way to the presence or amount of an analyte at some interface between the sensor and the sample matrix. Those systems are capable of handling volumes on the microliter level and performing assays at short times, hence the miniaturization offers a suitable platform for portability and automation. Based on selected parameters, devices can be fabricated for analog signal gathering, processing, logging and remote presentation of data. Taking into account the above-mentioned, this research project aims at designing and developing integrated systems for real time monitoring of some target compounds at sites of environmental, health and biological relevance. The proposed devices will consist of several miniaturized electrochemical and optical sensors and emphasis will be given on apparatuses that can be easily implemented and possess reliable and long-time operation, as well as with wearable application. To achieve high selectivity toward the desired analytes, new platforms will be designed by using novel materials. In the absence of favorable selectivity, different strategies will be employed such as mathematical approaches (chemometric analysis) or the separation of the analyte from the sample matrix by using microfluidic devices. The developed sensors will have to satisfy analytical requirements (e.g. reduced drift response, resistance to surface fouling and high selectivity, accuracy and precision) as well as technological demands (mass-scale production at low cost, low power requirements and robust electronics). (AU)

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Scientific publications (38)
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