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Classification Schemes

The Classification Schemes have essentially practical purpose and are an instrument of management support at funding agencies focused on science, technology, culture, art and innovation. Among their possibilities of use, they provide information to assist researchers in selecting a scheme for their research context in the production and application of knowledge.

The Classification Schemes used by FAPESP are based on the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) Classification Schemes and offer hierarchical organization with three levels of subdivision, from the broadest to the most specific one. The 1st level assembles the Broadest Areas; the 2nd level displays the Areas; and the 3rd level presents the Sub-Areas.

In order to access information at this page of Research Supported by FAPESP, click on the + sign near the Broadest Areas to browse the list of Areas and Sub-Areas. Click on the broadest areas terms (for example, Agronomical Sciences, Biological Sciences, etc.) to access referential information of research awarded by the Foundation.

The Classification Schemes in expanded format are also available for browsing. Use browser Find (Control key + F or Apple key + F) to find a term on the Classifications Schemes.

Agronomical Sciences
Applied Social Sciences
Biological Sciences
Health Sciences
Interdisciplinary Subjects
Linguistics, Literature and Arts
Physical Sciences and Mathematics